‘The Old Man’ Season 2: All The Details You Need To Know For The New Season (Update For February 2024)

From Reacher and Jack Ryan to The Night Agent, audiences have proven that there is no end to the appeal of current-or-ex government operatives falling in and out of spy-soaked adventuress whether they like it or not. That remains a huge draw for many Dad TV shows, and fortunately, FX (with its streaming partner, Hulu) includes a “one last job” variant starring an iconic actor who is equally gifted on the dramatic and comedy fronts. In this case, he’s embracing the former quality with a show that provides nuanced performances from older and younger actors alike.

Additionally, Bridges channels large swaths of characters portrayed by Keanu Reeves in the John Wick films and Liam Neeson in the Taken movies. There are shades of Bridges’ performance from the Taylor Sheridan-penned Hell or High Water, too. Do not mess with this old(ish) man, or there will indeed be hell to pay. It’s also high time for a second season, which will arrive this year, so let’s get down to discussing what is and what might be coming next.


Jeff Bridges has still got it, even if the decades have taken away some of his character’s agility and strength from his CIA days. Speaking of which, this show is based upon Thomas Perry’s same-named bestselling novel about Dan Chase (Bridges), who has been living off grid since bolting long ago from his government service. He gets pulled back into the game due to an attempted assassination, and John Lithgow steps in as Dan’s old colleague, FBI Counterintelligence Guy Harold Harper, who finds himself in over his head by season’s end.

As the show has revealed, Chase and Harper’s complicated past ties them together forever, and to further muddy matters, Harper’s protégé, Angela Adams (portrayed by Alia Shawkat), had been operating under an alias, but her identify also contained layers that have been unknown even to herself. The audience discovers Angela’s true identity late in the season, and expect plenty of followup by the revelation of her true father, the Afghanistan warlord Faraz Hamzad. Meanwhile, Zoe McDonald (Brenneman) surely regrets taking on Chase as a tenant because she never expected to have to fight for her life. Will we see Zoe again in the second season?

Executive producers Joe Steinberg and Dan Shotz opened up to Deadline, and Steinberg revealed, “Zoe will definitely be back. She’s a key piece of this story, a key connection for Dan. And Amy is such a brilliant actress and partner in this. We’re very excited about Zoe’s story going forward.” And what of the dogs? “Yes. I don’t know if The Old Man is a show without the dogs” was the answer from Shotz. As well, the pair noted that Angela would learn who her biological father is, so get ready to find out her feelings on that situation.

As well, the pair revealed that Bridges, despite pushing through cancer treatment and contracting Covid-19, threw himself into the old-hat role. As Shotz described the situation, “After Jeff went through his treatment and got back to us, on his very first day of shooting he was hanging out of a window going 60 miles per hour shooting a gun.” He added, “So we were pretty blown away by what he was able to do when he came back and he felt so good doing it.” Hopefully, Bridges felt even better this time around because Chase will likely need to pick up some slack for Harper, who cannot operate in the wild world of his former colleague.

Much of the show’s appeal, as well, is how it dabbles with moral ambiguity and also refuses to straight-up adhere to one meaning of the term “old man.” That slippery term could, in the second season, point more towards what Angela is about to learn and how she reacts upon learning the identity of her “true” father. Which dad will she choose to be loyal to? That’s a huge question going into this next chapter.


Jeff Bridges will do it again as Dan Chase, who is played in his younger years by Bill Heck. John Lithgow will increase the out-of-his-element side of Harold Harper for this next season. The supporting cast includes Alia Shawkat, Amy Brenneman, Gbenga Akinnagbe, Jessica Harper, Pej Vahdat, Joel Grey, Hiam Abbass, Navid Negahban, Kenneth Mitchel, and Rowena King.

Release Date

Since the first session debuted in June 2022, it feels like it’s been too long of a wait, but do not fear. The strikes slowed progress on the sophomore season, but the next chapter has been confirmed to arrive in 2024.


No trailer exists as of yet, but please do relive this shootout scene with The Wire‘s Chris Partlow, who always brings his A-game.