Pete Holmes Fires Iceman From The X-Men, Reminds Us Seal Exists

The Pete Holmes Show has a new “Ex-Men” segment, in which Professor X fires mutants like Jubilee, Angel, Gambit, and Wolverine while telling them exactly why their powers suck. Now he’s firing Iceman, played by Zach Cregger from Whitest Kids U’ Know, a guy who’ll always be the best Abraham Lincoln.

Our favorite part comes when Professor X points out Iceman’s kryptonite is table salt, to which Iceman responds, “Kryptonite?” and Professor X realizes, “Right. Marvel.” Then it devolves into a rendition of Seal’s “Kiss From A Rose” because of course it does.

I’ll admit this one has a couple of minor weakness: Pete refers to this Iceman as bald when he’s not, and he forgot to flip the bird this time. We were hoping that was a running gag. It still makes up for it by getting that song stuck in our heads for at least a month.