‘The Purge’ TV Show Gets A First Trailer That Confirms It Won’t Be Mostly Purge-Free After All

While The First Purge, Blumhouse Productions’ upcoming prequel to its successful horror film franchise, is set to slash its way into theaters next week, the first trailer for The Purge television series dropped on Thursday. Set to premiere simultaneously on Tuesday, September 4th at 10 pm ET on USA Network and Syfy, the show was originally billed as a mostly purge-less chapter in the franchise’s ongoing story. Per the scenes depicted in the new teaser (and the accompanying plot description), that doesn’t seem to be the case any longer.

According to a press release:

Based on the hit movie franchise from Blumhouse Productions, The Purge revolves around a 12-hour period when all crime, including murder, is legal. Set in an altered America ruled by a totalitarian political party, the series follows several seemingly unrelated characters living in a small city. As the clock winds down, each character is forced to reckon with their past as they discover how far they will go to survive the night.

Franchise creator James DeMonaco (who recently confirmed to EW that the series would approximately consist of “70, 65 percent Purge Night and then 30 percent flashback”) and Blumhouse head Jason Blum are executive producing the show, as is filmmaker Michael Bay. (Because of course he is!) In addition to premiering its first episode simultaneously on USA Network and Syfy, The Purge series will also do the same with its season one finale.

(Via EW)