The Return of Bob Loblaw and More ‘Arrested Development’ News

Yesterday, Mitchell Hurwitz, creator of “Arrested Development,” as well as Will Arnett, David Cross, and other members of the cast, spoke at a Netflix-sponsored event in Las Vegas about the show’s greatly anticipated resurrection. We weren’t there (I’d like to say it’s because we didn’t want to go to Las Vegas, but it’s actually because we weren’t invited — see if I ever follow your incessant recommendation of “Homestarrunner: Everything Else: Vol. 3” now, Netflix), but Vulture was. Here are some of the most interesting NUGGETS.

Netflix chief Ted Sarandos confirmed that all ten episodes of Arrested’s long-awaited fourth season will premiere together on a single day sometime next year. Hurwitz also confirmed that production is set to begin this summer.

Originally, Hurwitz’s plan had been to make the revival like an anthology, with each episode telling a somewhat self-contained story about a specific character. “That is now kind of evolving into becoming more like the old show again,” Hurwitz told a packed house of conventioneers. The reason for the change: Hurwitz sees a chance to tweak the show’s format to take advantage of the fact that the full ten-episode season will debut at once, rather than over two-and-a-half months.

Bob Loblaw will return. “We will bring him back,” Hurwitz told Vulture when we asked a question from the studio audience. (Per Netflix’s insistence, Hurwitz wasn’t doing one-on-one chats). “It’s kind of a one-joke thing. But if you guys don’t mind bringing it back, we’ll give it to you.” (For the record, the audience reacted with strong applause to the idea of a Loblaw appearance in season four).

The Loblaw news is fantastic, but if “AD 2.0” also includes a cameo from Gene Parmesan (“AHHHHH”), I’d be as happy as Gob with a sword (of destiny) or Stan Sitwell with a new wig or Lucille with a bottle of vodka or Tobias with a plate of hard-boiled eggs or Buster with unlimited juice. This party’s going to be off the hook.