The Second Trailer For ‘Veep’ Comes Correct With The Profanity

03.19.13 16 Comments

HBO’s Veep probably does creative, gratuitous profanity better than any other show on television right now, and since that kind of filth flarn filth is one of the most direct routes to my heart, let’s just say that the first trailer for the show’s second season was kind of a letdown. It was still good, and I suppose it was more of a teaser than an actual trailer, but come on, they went a full 60 seconds without someone calling a co-worker “a gold-plated sh-t gibbon” or “a bleached, plucked asshole.” That simply will not do.

Luckily, HBO has released a second, longer trailer for the upcoming season, and within the first 45 seconds Julia Louis-Dreyfus is talking about pig-f-cking and calling someone “Jolly Green Jizzface.” Ahhhhhh, there it is. THE GOOD STUFF. Don’t get me wrong, the show is excellent for a bunch of other reasons too (Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s performance, Buster Bluth Buster-Bluthing around the White House, etc.), but it’s just nice to see them back doing what they do best. The king stay the king, you jizzfaces.

(Via Deadline)

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