‘The Shield’ Creator Shawn Ryan Has An Idea Of What Vic Mackey Is Up To Right Now

FX’s The Shield was one of those shows that was able to break through for the network and put them on the map for original programming. From the success of The Shield we were able to see Kurt Sutter spin off and create his own hit series in Sons of Anarchy, as well as a bit of a failure in The Bastard Executioner. That being said, people still have a deep love for The Shield and are curious as to what the hell happened to Vic Mackey after the stunning series finale.

According to EW, The Shield show creator Shawn Ryan isn’t exactly clear on what happened to Vic, but he has a few ideas floating around in his head he revealed while at the ATX TV Festival in Austin, Texas this weeken

“I have some ideas where Vic Mackey is, but I don’t know where Vic Mackey is until someone puts me in a writers’ room with a group of these people and some people who aren’t here and give us a week to sort it out.”

Ryan believes that now would be a great time to revisit The Shield and to put together the pieces of what happened in the wake of the series finale. All of this while making sure to heap the praise on lead actor Michael Chiklis. This could be an exciting time to be a fan of The Shield if those juices are flowing and if everyone seems into revisiting the show and characters.

(Via EW)