‘The Simpsons’ Reminds Homer Of 50 Of The Worst Things Trump Has Done Since Becoming President

The Simpsons has shed viewers over the years (an inevitably when you’ve been on for 30-plus seasons), but there’s one episode that even lapsed fans regularly tune in for: “Treehouse of Horror.” This year’s installment, “Treehouse of Horror XXXI” (written by 100 Things the Simpsons Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die co-author Julia Prescott!), includes parodies of Pixar movies, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, and Russian Doll, as well as a topical opening. In it, Homer is deciding who to vote for in the presidential election. “I know who I want for all the judges and propositions, but president? That’s a stumper. Can I write in Judge Judy?” Homer asks before Lisa reminds him of “all that’s happened in the last four years.” Trump’s name is never mentioned, but what follows is a scroll of 50 of the worst things he’s done since 2016.

Much better to bury him with facts than to actually bury him. An incomplete list:

Made it okay to shoot hibernating bears
Put children in cages
Called Mexicans rapists
Imitated disabled reporter
Looks lousy in a tennis outfit
Can’t get wife to hold hand
Called third world countries sh*tholes
Called Tim Cook ‘Tim Apple’
Said Jewish people who vote Democrat are disloyal
Showed top secret documents at Mar-A-Lago restaurant
Called white supremacists ‘fine people’
Leaked classified information to Russian ambassador
Asked the president of Ukraine to investigate the Bidens
Called for China to investigate the Bidens
Walked into the dressing room at Miss Teen USA pageant

You can see the full list here, or better yet, watch the episode this Sunday.

(Via Variety)