‘The Simpsons’ Creators Talked About The Show’s Trouble With Trump And Fox News At Comic-Con

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If you ever wondered if The Simpsons has run into trouble with its own network over any of its jokes, Comic-Con provided some answers. It also provided a little political edge after Donald Trump was brought up on the stage and Simpsons creator Matt Groening led the crowd in a chant of “lock him up,” something that has been used in reference to Hillary Clinton several times during the long death march known as Election 2016.

Trump entered the discussion due to a fan asking if there had ever been a celebrity who had been turned down for a guest appearance on the show according to The Wrap:

After pausing for a moment, executive producer Al Jean replied, “Let’s just say he’s the president of the United States.”

Former Simpsons writer Bill Oakley added his thoughts on Twitter, thanking the heavens that a Trump appearance never came to be. It’d be weird now that the guy is president, looking back at clips of Homer Simpson learning business from Trump who is a rival to Homer’s brother and a good friend of Mister Burns. At least that’s where my Trump fan fiction goes to.

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