‘The Thick Of It,’ The Best British Comedy Since ‘The Office,’ Is Headed to Hulu

I’m positive we’ve mentioned The Thick of It on more than a few occasions on this blog in the past. In fact, I’m sure of it. It’s the British show from Armando Iannucci, the creator of HBO’s Veep (and in fact, they are very similar shows). It features one of the greatest foul-mouthed characters on any television show in any country in any year of all time ever, Malcolm Tucker, a significant contributor to TV’s Most Memorable F-Words and a member of the 100 Greatest Insults of All Time Club. He is outstanding, and although The Thick of It would be great without him (it’d basically be Veep), Malcolm Tucker takes the show to an incredible new level.

The good news is: According to Deadline, you can watch him in all his profanity-fueled glory on Hulu beginning on July 29th. If any of you have tried to watch the Best Cursing Show Ever on BBC America, it’s probably damn well impossible to follow because all the profanities are bleeped. Hulu will not censor, so you can enjoy The Thick of It in the spirit in which it was intended.

But it gets EVEN BETTER. In addition to airing all three seasons of the British political sitcom, which I like to refer to as a cross between The West Wing and George Carlin’s Seven Dirty Words act, Hulu will also partner with the BBC to air the fourth season of The Thick of It the same day it airs in the UK.

Why can’t they do this for other British shows? This is even better than same-week airings of “Doctor Who” on BBC America, because there won’t be any television edits, no censoring, and no lousy American expositional introductions to taint the true glory that is The Thick Of It.

If you’re still not sold, maybe I can interest you in the Very F–king Best of Malcolm Tucker.