The Trailer For The Final Season Of ‘Strike Back’ Is Wall-To-Wall Explosions

Cinemax’s Strike Back is, primarily, a show about blowing crap up. Other things happen, sure, but they’re usually just the bridge to get us from one explosion to the next. None of this is a complaint, by the way. There’s a time and place for dark, philosophical dramas about broken families and broken systems, but man, sometimes you just wanna see a bunch of jacked dudes running from fireballs while spraying bullets at their mortal enemies, you know?

And if this trailer for the final season of the show is any indication, we’ll be getting a lot more of that this summer. For the love of God, the trailer is only 50 seconds long, and there are 10 explosions. TEN. There weren’t 10 explosions in the entire run of Mad Men. A real missed opportunity, in this reporter’s opinion.

Cinemax also released this poster for the new season. It has no explosions. Although if you think those helicopters don’t have their missiles targeted and ready for launch, then brother, you have another thing coming. An explosion, to be precise. You have another explosion coming. Strike Back is a good show.

(Via HitFix)