‘The Walking Dead’ Exec Producer Gale Anne Hurd Offers Several Intriguing Season 5 Spoilers

Gale Anne Hurd, who is an executive producer on The Walking Dead (and an ex-wife of Brian De Palma and James Cameron, and was actually a producer on the Terminator movies) spoke recently about a few things we can expect from the upcoming season of The Walking Dead. The cast has shot much of the first half of the season already, and Hurd shared a few details about the fifth season so far with Zap2It.

Here’s the bullet points (minor fifth season spoilers):

— The cast will not stay in the train car all season.

— There is no time jump this year. The fifth season picks up exactly where the fourth left off (it’s the first season premiere without a time jump.)

— The residents of Terminus have their own nicknames: Termites or the Terminants (does this mean they are NOT the cannibals?).

— The fifth season will also leave the woods and enter into suburban and urban areas (specifically, it sounds like, Washington D.C.).

— There will be two major story arcs, and it sounds like one will end at the midseason finale and the other will begin with the midseason premiere.

— There will be a big debate among the survivors about whether or not to go to Washington D.C., split between the optimists (who believe Eugene has the cure) and the pessimists, who believe that the urban setting is a death sentence.

— Daryl is not going to be romantically tied to either Carol or Beth anytime soon. Carol, however, will play a significant role in the fifth season (as you recall, Carol, Tyreese, Beth, and Lil Ass Kicker are still separated from the main group).

— Parts of the group will remain separated in season five, so some episodes may focus on one group, while other episodes may focus on another. I wonder if this means that Carol and Tyreese will not reconnect with everyone else soon?

— Naturally, Hurd says, there will be more big deaths in season five (but probably not Daryl). “I do know if there is a zombie apocalypse, I want to be on the back of his bike. That’s what I know,” she said.


Source: Zap2It