‘The Walking Dead’ Invented A New Sex Act In This Season 4 Deleted Scene

The Walking Dead should only be uncensored endings and deleted scenes. We already showed you the original cut of season four’s final line, and now, courtesy of EW, here’s your introduction to “stumping,” a sexual act involving, well, let’s just say it can’t be done without Hershel. It’s a dumb scene and Mitch is a dumb character, but considering the distressing lack of Tina Belcher-esque love scenes with zombies, it’s the closest The Walking Dead has come to embracing the weird fetishes that would almost assuredly be made public after an apocalypse. Not as weird as Daryl <3 Beth, but pretty close.

FYI: I would listen to a song by Rasta Bitch ft. One-Legged Santa Claus.