That ‘Shocking Moment’ On ‘The Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale Really Hit People In The Feels

You know you’re always in for a wild ride when we get to the finales of The Walking Dead, and it was no different with the mid-season finale for season 8. Previews running non-stop on AMC promised a ‘shocking moment’ that would blow us all away, and many expected that to involve a major character’s death. They were almost right.

Rather than watching someone get torn to shreds by the undead, we instead learned that Carl had been bitten earlier in the season, which certainly explained why he was staggering all over Alexandria for the majority of the episode. He’s not dead … but he will be, and the emotional moment where Rick learns of the bite had people expressing all the feels on Twitter.

The episode didn’t waste any times kicking things off with Rick under fire from the newly liberated Sanctuary. Oh, and as usual the Junkyard Gang betrayed him the second things got the slightest bit hairy. Rick, when will you learn?

And then we got a conspicuous flashback to Carl and his dad Rick from the start of season 8. It was around that point that people started to have a bad feeling, man.

And then things started to go very badly for the good guys as the Saviors rolled up on all their communities that attacked them.

People still can’t get over how Eugene could screw things over for Rick and the gang so badly. I mean, so does Daryl but at least his catastrophic actions are screw-ups and not betrayals.

And let’s give Dwight a hand for all that ridiculously dangerous double agent work, culminating in his killing of an entire team of Saviors.