When ‘The Walking Dead’ Meets ‘Seinfeld,’ You Get A Much Darker Show About Nothing

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02.09.14 5 Comments

Now I’m going to flat out say that this video could’ve been a lot better. But it is interesting for a few reasons.

First off, this video serves as a reminder that The Walking Dead returns tonight after its mid-season break. It was a game changing episode before Christmas with plenty of death, a possible zombie baby feast and a whole bunch of weird name pronunciation memes.

Secondly, it’s a reminder of how the show once was and how good it seemed it was going to be. Say what you will about the show from season two forward, season one was solid. It might be the sort of show you hate watch now, but this was a show with some promise then.

And the final interesting thing are the possibilities of Seinfeld in the world of The Walking Dead. Give me that show and the scenarios involved. I’ve seen Seinfeld in Oz, now give me a zombie Newman and Frank Costanza as a doomsday prepper.

(Via Matin Comedy)

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