This Collection Of Delicious ‘The Walking Dead’ Pastry Art Should Soothe Your Hunger For BRAAAAAAINS

The creation of a delicious cake or pastry hinges on the proper amalgamation of sugar, flour, eggs, and other elements you wish to alchemize in search of a satisfying experience that ends with your fork damn near scraping the gloss enamel off your mother’s homemade dishes. As for the creation of pastries that celebrate The Walking Dead? Well, you need much more: intestines, blood, realistic representations of Rick Grimes and co., and a lot of imagination.

It almost seems a sin to eat the cakes and pastries you’ll see here, so hopefully they found their place in a grateful stomach, or a museum exhibit. Call them homages, call them tantalizing, call them after dinner delights. One thing’s for sure, you can call them art.

Back in the ‘Bago

Even in pastry land, Carl’s hat doesn’t fit him.

The Delicious Dixons

This is about as adorable as the backwood Dixon Brothers get.

George Romero Would Approve

The staple of every healthy “walker” diet.

Bread Inside

Shout-out to those that have stayed loyal to the show since the first episode, and to Josh. Enjoy that zombie cake, buddy.

The Delicious Dixons Pt. II

If the TV Gods answer my prayers, they’ll make this a real spin-off TV series. Perhaps after the Movie Gods give me a Vega Brothers film?

Water and Slaughter

In an alternate universe, this is what we would have seen when the group finally made it to cannibal town.

Koooral Loves Pudding

The flowers are a nice touch. See if you can spot all the references in this gorgeous, brilliant masterpiece.

Nod to the Comic Readers

For all the comic aficionados that throw shade on the TV show. Your day has come.

Daryl’s Souvenirs 

Human ears never looked so delicious.

Michonne Looks Different…

If the prison was this tasty, maybe The Governor wouldn’t have tried to blow it up. Michonne may seem a bit awkward because it’s actually supposed to be the birthday girl as Michonne. Which makes her parents the greatest parents of all-time.