The World’s Meatiest Sandwich Is Very Meaty

To celebrate the launch of “Man vs. Food” on Food Network UK, British chef Tristan Welch made the “world’s meatiest sandwich,” according to Eater. I can safely verify that, yes, the sandwich, all 28 pounds of it, is very meaty. It contains 35 different kinds of meat; here they are, ranked by their tastiness in three categories:

VERY BEST: bacon, bratwurst, chorizo, cooked chicken, dry-cured prosciutto, herbed Saucisson Sec de Provence, Italian sausage, nduja, pancetta, pastrami, prosciutto, roast beef, Saucisson Sec de Provence, smoked duck breast, and smoked venison

BEST: cooked turkey, cooked pork, Finocchiona, garlic chicken, and Mortadella

MERELY GOOD: Boiled ham, breaded ham, corned beef, cured ham, French peppercorn salami, garlic salami, German salami, honey-roast ham, Italian salami, Parma ham, roast ham, Serrano ham, speck, and wild boar pork salami (not a big ham or salami guy – it’s my curse to live with)

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to buy all the chorizo in New York. Happy Memorial Day.