There's Going To Be An All-Plinko Episode Of 'The Price Is Right'

Go outside and stop someone on the street right now. Don’t introduce yourself, shake hands or anything even remotely cordial like that. Just look that person right in the eyes and ask, “What is the best game on The Price is Right?” If that person replies anything other than, “Plinko!” call the cops and tell them there’s a dirty commie on the loose in your town, because Plinko is indeed the greatest TPIR game ever invented.

Fortunately, the show’s producers know that as fact, so they went ahead and recorded an all-Plinko episode yesterday to be aired on September 27 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of perhaps the world’s greatest game show game ever. EVER.

“When we realized it was the 30th anniversary of Plinko, we wanted to do something special,” says executive producer Mike Richards. “And [host] Drew [Carey] and I have always wanted to do an all-Plinko show. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to keep trotting it out.” To sweeten the experience, the studio audience was kept unaware that it was an all-Plinko episode.

“There’s so much history with this game,” says Richards. “It’s almost becoming baseball-like.…People have all kinds of theories of where to drop [the chip] — whether to drop it high and let it go, or as low as you can and try to feed it into that slot, or come off to the right and move it left.” (Via Buzzfeed)

I’m not going to explain the rules of Plinko to you, because you should know them like the Pledge of Allegiance, your home address or the lyrics to the theme of Saved by the Bell. But if you have lived a sheltered life and don’t know how Plinko is played, I’ll let you learn from Kristy, who broke the all-time record back in 2007 with some bomb-ass chip dropping.