These Morning Links Are In A Great Mood, Y'all

Good morning, everyone! Danger Guerrero here. Matt’s still off doing CrossFit stuff and being an all around healthy-type person, so I’m running the show today. And let me tell you something, I am in a GREAT mood. As Matt referenced once or twice, I spent the vast majority of the past few weeks studying for and taking the bar exam. A lot of people have asked me stuff like “What’s the bar like?” or “Is it really that hard?”, so let me clear this up in the most clear and concise manner I can: the bar exam is a butthole. BUT, that said, I’m all done with it now, and I ain’t doin’ sh-t this week but filling in here today, writing the “Franklin & Bash” season finale recap on Thursday, and watching reruns of “The O.C.” on Soapnet. It’s gonna be glorious. Being unemployed is awesome.

Now that I got that off my chest, onto the links.

I love this guy and you should too. The lovely and talented Josh Kurp gives up a brief history of gambling on TV shows. lWarming Glowl

“CGI Nipples” sounds like an insult Johnny 5 would have used. The Future Sucks: Olivia Wilde Fakes Nude Scene with CGI Nipples |Film Drunk|

Well this seems like a good use of time now that they found a cure for cance-WHAT?! They haven’t?! Internet Explorer Users Much Dumber Than Non-Internet Explorer Users, Says Science |UPROXX|

You’re shocked, I know. So I signed up for Tumblr a little while back to distract myself from studying, and I promptly became best friends from the genius behind LOLSlater. What’s that? SURE I’ll post a Kelly Kapowski GIF! |LOLSlater|

I said this on Twitter, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Jay Cutler broke off his engagement so he wouldn’t be tied down during the final season of “Entourage.” Kristin Cavallari Says Jay Cutler Faked It |With Leather|

If you think about it, wearing a jersey to a sporting event is pretty much the same thing as Cosplay… except 1000000000000000000 times cooler. Other than that, the same. A Compendium of Cool Comics Cosplay: Avengers Edition |Gamma Squad|

And Matt wrote it in cursive AND EVERYTHING. Scarlett Johansson Declines Marine’s Invitation to Ball |Film Drunk|

I want to file a sexual harassment class action on behalf of all the girls who get champagne dumped on them in rap videos. I’ll accept a shiny green suit as payment. Jay-Z and Timbaland Sued for $5 Million for Big Pimpin’ Sample |Smoking Section|

Godspeed, you fancy gentleman. The inimitable Punte (aka Josh Zerkle) is leaving Kissing Suzy Kolber. Head over there and wish him the best. |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

OMGIHOPEIT’SPIPPA. (*clicks*) (*sighs*). Spoiler Alert: Parks & Rec Has Cast Tammy 1 |Warming Glow|

Semi-related: I want to show up at the X-Games and give everyone there a buzzcut at gunpoint. Hi, I’m a million years old. Hollywood’s Worst Man-Do Mistakes |Pajiba|

Look, I like Emma Stone. A lot. But Olivia Wilde makes Helen of Troy look like a foot. Emma Stone Vs. Olivia Wilde: Who Ya Got? |Moviefone|

Appealing to the influential “overweight dork” demo, I see. 10 Undeniably Nerdy Burger King Kids Meal Toy Sets |Topless Robot|