This Zombie Headshot Supercut Will Blow Your Brains Out (And The Morning Links)

06.21.13 5 years ago

The good folks at ScreenJunkies have compiled over 50 zombie head shots in this, er, mindblowing supercut that’s a great way to burn off some hostility before a long day at the office. It’s two minutes of brain-exploding ecstasy. Fun for the whole family! (Source: ScreenJunkies)

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Here’s Your Feel-Good Fat Guy 100m Dash — (With Leather)

‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Character Details Leak — (Gamma Squad)

World’s Greatest Mom Dresses Like Teen, Takes Daughter’s Exam — (Smoking Section)

‘NewsRadio’ Alums Dave Foley and Andy Dick Reunite to Work with Porn Stars — (Screenjunkies)

Mike Florio Got In A Twitter Fight With An NFL Mascot — (Kissing Suzy Kolber)

10 Things We Love Despite the Presence of Paris Hilton — (Pajiba)

11 Things We No Longer See on Airplanes — (Mental Floss)

6 Life Hacks for Incredibly Lazy People — (College Humor)

The Unexpectedly Moving James Gandolfini Tributes You Might Not Have Seen — (Grantland)

5 Things Video Games Do Better Than Any Other Forms of Art — (Cracked)

The Saddest Pool Jump Ever Attempted — (Clip Nation)


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