Oddsmakers Have Tilda Swinton As The Favorite To Follow Peter Capaldi On ‘Doctor Who’

Bless you Britain. Your love for gambling on pretty much anything is something magical to behold. That betting reach extends to the TARDIS too, apparently.

Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Who exit leaves a unique sci-fi job opening available and speculation has been rampant over who could/should be the next Doctor. Naturally, there’s been a push for The Doctor to be a female incarnation (long overdue, really) and at the moment UK oddsmakers have a favorite to take that landmark spot. Entertainment Weekly reports that Tilda Swinton is the 7-2 favorite with Ladbrokes to take over for the departing Capaldi. It’s a set of odds more favorable to the Oscar winner than other options like My Family actor Kris Marshall (4-1), Broadchurch wonder Olivia Colman (8-1) and Dean Learner himself Mr. Richard Ayoade (10-1). For what it’s worth, Neil Gaiman has made a pitch for Sue off the The Great British Bake Off, so get that fan-fiction ready either way.

Swinton would certainly be an intriguing and inspired choice for the iconic BBC series. Plus, if the decorated thespian decides not to do an uncomfortable whitewash thing, all the better. (Yes, we’re bringing it up again. Knock it off, entertainment industry types. Expand your circle of friends.) There’s a chunk of time to sort this out, of course. The final season with the Twelfth Doctor will premiere later this year.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)