Tina Fey Stepped Up The Game With An Even Better Lip-Syncing Video

Tina Fey stopped by Late Night to chat with Seth Meyers on Tuesday night, where the topic of conversation turned to that much ballyhooed Beyoncé lip-syncing video featuring Jane Krakowski and Tituss Burgess, which Burgess also previously glowingly discussed. Fey, on the other hand, admonished the internet for not having better standards, because she claims that the video — which was recorded with the Dubsmash app — was “so deeply unremarkable.”

Fair point, but this is the internet, after all. I once wrote an article about a man having a temper tantrum over finding a mouse poop in his Lunchable, and I legitimately thought it was hilarious. Sometimes you just have to find the remarkable in the unremarkable, although Fey claims that the problem is that the internet has “such low self esteem, it’ll settle for anything.”

So, to teach the internet a lesson, Fey recruited the help of her good friend Maya Rudolph, who had previously sent her a high-quality, professional Dubsmash, and who had agreed to let her air it on Late Night with Seth Meyers. I have to admit, it’s pretty good; although she can pry my love of finding dumb crap on the internet out of my cold dead hands.