Family Disney Trips Haven't Helped Tina Fey Adjust To Life After '30 Rock'

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02.28.13 6 Comments

In her first TV appearance I’ve seen since 30 Rock departed us, Tina Fey dropped by The Late Show last night, presumably to promote her new movie with Paul Rudd (that looks like a date night compromise if I’ve ever seen a trailer for a date night comprise), but instead spent almost all her time on much more interesting subjects, like adjusting to life post-30 Rock (“I feel like I just got out of prison…”) and family trips to Disney that of course prove to be equal parts terrific and horrific.

Warning to grumpy old hags at Dunkin Donuts: Tina will cut a b*tch (paraphrasing).

And here Ms. Fey accurately describes why Disney World is so glorious for adults (no one gives you the stink eye for bringing your kids into a restaurant) but small children pooping their pants can still ruin anything (also accurate).

“And then I told Tina Fey to give those kids some Benadryl.” – Frequent flyer with zero f*cks to give.

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