TLC Is Once Again Raising The Bar With A New Special About ‘Straight’ Guys Who Are Attracted To Men

TLC, revered bastions of informative programming excellence, are airing a special next month called My Husband’s Not Gay, which is basically about a bunch of gay dudes married to women. I know. The title of the special might come off as a little confusing since it is literally the opposite of what it says it is, but I’m just the messenger, here. The special follows three married Mormon couples from Salt Lake City, Utah, as well as one 35-year-old bachelor who is also totally not gay — all whom identify as heterosexual despite the fact that they are admittedly attracted to members of the same sex. As one of the men puts it in this teaser, “Well I’m interested in men, I’m just not interested in men.” OK dude, that totally clears it up.

You know, I get it. I really do. TLC likes to put people with non-traditional marriages and lives out there so we can gawk at them like animals in a zoo. But this just sends a sh*tty message to young people struggling with their sexual identity that they too, can spend their lives living in blissfully happy lies.

Really, you can watch the special when it airs on Sunday, January 11th, or just watch this instead and save yourself the trouble:

Via The Wrap and Huffington Post