So It’s Come To This: Tobey Maguire And Jimmy Kimmel Play A Game Of Connect Four

Toby Maguire is currently receiving high praise for his portrayal of chess master Bobby Fischer in Pawn Sacrifice. It’s a good role, but Jimmy Kimmel wanted to know if that experience would prove to be useful in a game of Connect Four. Strategy is strategy, right? This is what Kimmel intended on finding out, as he bet Maguire $100 in this… a televised game of Connect Four.

I’m sure you’re expecting some comedic hook here, but guess again. We literally have three minutes of Maguire and Kimmel playing Connect Four… for three minutes. It’s to the point where even Kimmel sarcastically noted the enjoyment of the game for the viewing audience. Really, I’m just putting that out there for the spectacle: We’ve finally got a late night talk show host breaking down and simply playing a Milton Bradley game on national television. Honestly, I would’ve thought Fallon would break that glass ceiling, but I lost the office pool on that one.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)