We Have Our First IRL Anus Tart Vanity License Plate Sighting

Time permitting, I plan to get to Everything You May Have Missed in “Smashed” later this afternoon, so it’s beyond fitting that the first real life vanity paying tribute to Tobias Fünke’s “ANUSTART” California license plate made its way to the internet last night.

Sure, in the few short weeks since Netflix launched Arrested Development Season 4, Anus Tart t-shirts, novelty plates, and our friend Jon Defreest’s questionable mouth-watering dessert have all surfaced, but we’ve yet to see an actual person with an actual car registered to an actual state DMV attempt the tribute.

It of course happened in Virginia, as Virginia is not only for lovers, but also (apparently) the cheapest state for vanity plates, allowing for the most per capita. It’s not a direct hit, but the effort by a man clearly just looking to get his rocks off must be applauded…

Shout out to Helen, GA where the car was spotted. Onyango would LOVE Helen.

UPDATE: Person claiming to be person with vanity plate makes comment below.

Via Reddit