Tom And Jean-Ralphio Invented Google Condoms In A Deleted Scene From Last Week’s ‘Parks & Rec’

Last week we revisited our unapologetic love for all things Jean-Ralphio just in time for Ben Schwartz’s return to Pawnee. The Ben’s parents episode was one of the best of the season, but even with all the hair sniffing and cash-smacking business presentations I felt like there could have been a bit more of the free-styling entrepreneur who is now “technically homeless.”

Then I reminded myself that you always want to leave ’em wanting more so I was cool with it. But THEN today our buddy Schwartz shared the below deleted scene and I was like “Kourtney & Kim! This is why I wanted more!” Behold: Your new favorite business venture and the reason I now tell ladies to watch out because “my weiner looks like a butcher’s knife.”

For the record: Graphic Prophylactics > Google Condoms, but SEO demanded this post title.

Via Rejected Jokes