It Sounds Like Tom Cruise Shut Down Some Paramount TV Show Ideas Before Making His New Warner Bros. Deal

Tom Cruise got a little bit heated during the height of the pandemic. Not only did he launch that infamous tirade, but he also vociferously campaigned for theaters and “sav[ed] Hollywood’s ass” with Top Gun: Maverick, according to Steven Spielberg. Tom also reportedly hasn’t forgotten some quibbles from a few years ago, and that might have something to do with this week’s announcement that Cruise inked a deal with Warner Bros. to keep saving Hollywood while developing original films and more franchise installments.

This did come as a surprise, given Cruise’s long-standing, blockbuster-forging relationship with Paramount, which of course stocks part of its Paramount+ library with Cruise action films. Is the iconic leading man feeling slightly salty? Hmm. An excerpt from a new Hollywood Reporter analysis piece claims that not only was Cruise displeased with the studio attempting to confine Maverick to a 45-day theatrical window, but he reportedly fielded some franchise-based TV show ideas that must not be happening:

Sources say Cruise was not happy with the way Paramount dealt with him on a number of issues. He had lawyered up in 2021, when the studio announced that Top Gun: Maverick would have a mere 45-day theatrical run (which of course did not happen). The studio also pressed Cruise to approve the making of a television show based on Mission: Impossible or Days of Thunder for its streamer.

There’s been no confirmation that this is true, but boy, an M:I TV show pitch was bound to not go well, especially while the movies are still rolling. Tom is a theater guy, after all. However, a Days of Thunder series could have received a substantial, NASCAR-loving audience who also tunes in for Taylor Sheridan yarns, but I guess we will never know.

(Via Hollywood Reporter)