Tommy Wiseau’s Sitcom Followup To His Magnum Opus ‘The Room’ Is Now On Hulu

Your long national nightmare is over, everyone! Tommy Wiseau‘s highly anticipated sitcom The Neighbors is finally available on Hulu Plus and yes, he is going to make you pay for it on Hulu Plus. Wiseau has been teasing us with this thing for over five years now, but wait no more. The Neighbors will be there for you. In case you forgot, here is the synopsis, which was definitely, 100 percent written by Wiseau:

“The Neighbors” is a sitcom about the relationship between a group of neighbors who live in an apartment building. The lead character is Charlie, the manager of the building. The tenants are a diverse group of personalities, all of different ages and backgrounds, constantly bringing their problems to charlie and his secretary / girlfriend Bebe. The character of Princess Penelope creates a commotion after she witnesses the ghost of her uncle Prince Charles. It is a fresh and humorous look at human behavior through different points of view. This cocktail of characters always guarantees plenty of surprises. The demographic is all inclusive.

See that? An “all inclusive” demographic, which means that this show is absolutely, guaranteed to be for you. Intersectionality be damned! Bonus if you like watching things that look like they were put together in an apathetic afternoon and starring people who maybe thought this would never see the light of day.

Here is a preview from the show’s YouTube page featuring Tommy Wiseau in a wig, because you know you want to see that:

Good luck to you!

(Source: Hulu)