Tomorrow’s ‘South Park’ Is Titled “Obama Wins!”

Back in 2008 South Park famously made an episode titled “About Last Night,” which aired the day after the presidential election. While a few minor tweaks and changes were added at the last minute (audio of the victory and concession speeches, mainly), the majority of the episode was finished before they knew the results, and was based on the presumption that Barack Obama would defeat John McCain. It also featured both candidates and their vice-presidential picks working together to steal the Hope Diamond. I think that’s important.

Well apparently Trey Parker and Matt Stone really like making things difficult for themselves, because tomorrow night’s episode of the show is titled “Obama Wins!” I’m assuming there will be a twist, because there’s always a twist, and the video previews below don’t give away too much of where they’re going with that, but I will say this about the people at South Park: They’ve got balls the size of pumpkins. I mean, they’ve built up enough goodwill over the past 17 seventeen seasons (and seem to have enough of an “Eh, f-ck it” attitude) that it won’t, like, destroy the show or whatever if they make the wrong prediction, but being wrong in public sucks and I respect them for still taking chances when they could be mailing it in.