Too Bad, Fatties

08.31.11 8 years ago 45 Comments

I touched on TLC’s new show “Big Sexy” a little bit yesterday, but it merits follow-up now that I’ve got video. The show focuses on five plus-sized women working in the fashion industry (from stylist to designer to model). Apparently, the show isn’t without heart or intelligence — a surprising move for TLC — but I couldn’t help but be turned off by this scene, in which four of the women try to attend a fashion show after-party, only to face “unfair” treatment by bouncers. Skinny, attractive women are allowed to jump the line and get in for free, while the heavy women must wait in line before being told they must pay $30 to enter the club. And the “Big Sexy” women express shock and outrage at this as if it’s their first day being fat. Seriously, it’s a New York fashion week after-party at a fancy club. What kind of treatment was this woman expecting?

None of this is to say that it’s wrong or bad to be overweight, and I think the fashion industry’s demand for too-skinny models is idiotic. But let’s be aware of who we are and what the world is. Hey, my childhood dream was to be a wide receiver for the Seahawks, but I don’t spend my summers getting turned away from NFL training camps and then bemoaning pro football’s unrealistic demands for strength and physical talent.

Bouncers are dicks to everyone who isn’t a sexy woman. Get over yourselves.

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