The Top 10 ‘Top Ten’ Lists Will Make You Miss David Letterman On The ‘Late Show’

Life without Letterman is still a bit strange, eh? It’s not that David Letterman hasn’t earned his retirement and his right to look like the leader of a post-apocalyptic rebellion group, but the 69-year-old comedian has been such a staple of late-night TV life for decades upon decades, that it’s sorta like having autumn or the color orange decide to call it a career. Who knew such a thing was possible?

If you’re left with a desk-sized hole in your heart where the Late Night/Late Show vet’s show used to be, please consider checking out the care package UPROXX has assembled above. It’s a glorious highlight reel of hilarious Top Ten list moments from the talk show host’s CBS years. We’ve also gone to the trouble of putting it in Top Ten form and we’ll happily accept whatever medals and awards you’d like to send our way at the usual address. Unlike most of Letterman’s Top Ten outings, this one might actually have the #1 entry as the funniest gag.

Included in this nostalgic, but necessary look back is a murderer’s row of celebrities dishing out the jokes with Barry White, Homer Simpson, Jim Carrey and George W. Bush among the stars providing the yuks. (The 43rd president of the United States isn’t exactly in on the joke, mind you.) Beware! “Top Ten Things That Sound Creepy When Said by John Malkovich” makes an appearance and the word “jammies” hasn’t lost that sinister tone.

Did we miss anything? Of course we did. Weigh in with your favorite Top Ten moments in the comments.