The Most Absurd Moments From The ‘Total Divas’ Season 6 Finale

Senior Editor, Sports
05.11.17 6 Comments


Previously on Total Divas, Maryse and Miz went on a weird delayed double-honeymoon with Eva Marie and our beloved Jonathan. This week, it is sadly, woefully, the season finale, and we will have to brave a cold summer until Total Bellas begins its second season in September.

Starting with the season six’s second-half premiere, I’ve been trying something a bit different in terms of format for the remainder of the season. Rather than a blow-by-blow recap, we’ll highlight the best, brightest, and most ridonkulous moments of each episode. And now, just a scant six episodes hence, our noble experiment is at an end.

And now, the most absurd moments from season six, episode 16 of Total Divas.

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