Treat Yo’ Self To The 10 Best GIFs From Last Night’s ‘Parks And Recreation’

It’s always fun watching a TV show figure out which characters work well with each other, and which don’t. Andy and Ann: disaster. Andy and April: perfect. Before “Anniversaries,” I don’t recall Ben and Jerry/Gary/Larry spending much time together, which is what makes their budding friendship such a thing of beauty. It may never be mentioned again, but at least we got one episode of Enchanted carriage rides, sensual dancing, and Paella dishes. Likewise, April and Donna have been a nice comedic pairing of late, with April’s insecure angst a sharp contrast to Donna’s Donnaness. Ultimately, however, they’re both proud, strong women, and that’s something they can bond over.

“Anniversaries” was the first episode with Jim O’Heir and Retta in the opening credits, and their scenes prove how much they belong there. They’re as essential to Parks greatness as Ron’s anti-Canada letters and Leslie’s skills as a scrapbook-maker and gift giver. Speaking of: BEST. PRESENT. EVER.

1. Well deserved.

2. A nice glass of scoff.

3. FroNO.

4. Live like iTunes, die like Winamp.

5. To quote Robin Sparkles’ husband, LEGENDARY.

6. Donna’s gonna go Tom Hardy as a motherf*cker.

7. Save the last dance-off.

8. I get that way with ‘za.

9. The perfect present.

10. YES. NO.