Trevor Noah Is Back At ‘The Daily Show’ Desk Tonight, With One Big Limitation

After undergoing an emergency appendectomy yesterday, Trevor Noah will make his glorious return on tonight’s show. There’s just one thing that might seem off about the episode: Noah can’t stand up the entire time. As reported by Deadline, Jon Stewart’s recent successor was confined to his chair for the duration of the taping due to limitations from his surgery. Despite a medical situation that would be scary and worrisome for many other people, Noah is back to being the same jokester that the audience expects after a little over a month at The Daily Show desk. He even managed to fire off a few humorous tweets, one of them a gentle dig at fellow late night host Jimmy Fallon’s bad luck with injuries:

Of course, this wouldn’t be the first bout of adversity that Noah has had to overcome as the new host of The Daily Show. First, he came out of relative obscurity to succeed Jon Stewart as host and was immediately met with audience skepticism.  Then he was faced with a public uproar over some questionable jokes from his past. On top of all that, he had to convince everybody that he’s not just a pretty face. Which, granted, is probably hard to do because it’s a very pretty face. That’s a lot for one person to handle! No wonder his appendix burst, it was just trying to give him a day off.

(Via Deadline