Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Read ‘Censored’ Jokes About NBC On ‘Conan’

Jack McBrayer accompanied Triumph the Comic Insult Dog last night on Conan to promote The Jack and Triumph Show, which premieres on Adult Swim this Friday. Triumph came out with puppet dog guns blazing, mentioning Conan’s recent trip to “Cooba,” saying: “I thought after you left NBC, you would never want to return to a crumbling dictatorship.”

From there, he moved on to discussing a recent trip to NBC’s Today, and read an entire list of jokes that had ostensibly been “censored” by the network, including a timely father-daughter Williams joke about asses getting chewed out. For his part, I don’t think Jack McBrayer said a word the entire time, sitting there giggling slightly uncomfortably. Just based on this, I think it’s safe to say that Jack and Triumph is going to be a pretty good show.