Here’s The ‘True Detective’ Opening Title Sequence, But With Cats!

Creative Director
02.21.14 11 Comments

True Detective is officially the internet’s new infatuation. In a little over a month, the spectacular HBO series has already received the requisite hazing necessary to induct it into the pantheon of web obsessions: funny memes, hilarious supercuts, entertaining hashtags, celebrity role-playing, stuff about boobs, overzealous-but-necessary tattoo analysis, list-mongering, intense theory generation, breathless speculation, and obessive questions about tedious details, just to name a few.

In all my years online, I’ve only seen the Internet crush this hard over one other thing: CATS. So it’s only appropriate that some mad internet-baiting genius has already taken the show’s brilliant opening title sequence and flawlessly edited a bunch of cats into it.


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