11 Ways Pop-Culture Has Taught Us To Quit Smoking And Other Addictions

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As the New Year approaches, many will plan bold New Year’s resolutions. Some of those resolutions will include giving up certain addictive vices, like smoking or boozing it up. We’re here to help! We can’t offer individual moral support or counseling, but we can offer you a few suggestions gleaned from pop-culture about how to displace those addictions with other more healthy addictions or enroll in unusual addiction treatment plans.

Here’s a few ideas about how to kick those bad habits we’ve picked up from movies, television, and celebrities.

1. “Quitters, Inc.”

The 1978 Stephen King short-story is the holy grail of smoking cessation. Quitters, Inc. — the organization at the center of the short story — boasts a 98 percent success rate. There are a few catches. Those who sign up for Quitters, Inc. do not know how the organization works until they sign up, and only then do they find out that they are on 24-hour surveillance. If they are caught smoking, they and their family members will be kidnapped and tortured. Each time they are caught smoking, the torture level goes up a notch. Fingers are removed, arms are broken, etc. Almost no one ever gets caught more than four times, but in the off chance that the customers smokes more than ten times, he is murdered. It’s a surefire way to prevent him from smoking.

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