Two Large Explosions At The Boston Marathon Have Killed Some, Injured Many

Two explosions rocked the finish line at the Boston Marathon this afternoon. There is little to no information at this time regarding the cause, although multiple outlets are reporting the two explosions took place seconds apart in Boston’s Copley Square, and a Boston explosives unit has been sent to an area near the Mandarin Hotel to examine another “potential device.”

Fox is reporting three casualties so far, and CNN is reporting at least 23 injuries, but those are obviously preliminary figures as paramedics are still trying to sort through the wreckage. The Boston Globe is providing updates from the scene on Twitter

Below, we’ve posted video of the explosion, and a picture of the aftermath that was shared by Anonymous. Both are obviously disturbing, so proceed with caution. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Boston.

Here’s the aforementioned pic from Anonymous…

Making all this even more terrible is that mile 26 of the race, where the explosions occurred, was dedicated to the Newtown victims…

(Lead pic via Life as a Bro’s Twitter)