Uhhhhh, Here’s The Best Of Dan Mintz’s (Tina Belcher From ‘Bob’s Burgers’) Reddit AMA

Most people know Dan Mintz as fan favorite Tina Belcher from Bob’s Burgers. But prior to becoming arguably the most identifiable animated teenage girl ever, Mintz had an illustrious career as a stand up comedian and comedy writer — writing for series such as Human Giant, Nathan For You, Lucky Louie, and Jon Benjamin Has a Van, the latter of which helped him land his Bob’s Burgers gig.

Yesterday wasn’t Dan Mintz’s first Reddit AMA, as he did one earlier this year with Bob’s Burgers costar John Roberts (Linda Belcher) as well as series creator Loren Bouchard. But much like Tina, Dan Mintz is a delicate flower who tends to get overshadowed, so I wanted to highlight the best of this new all-Dan Mintz AMA. Here goes.

I love you as Tina! She is my favorite character on the show. I’m curious about the show – some of the bits sound super natural and funny – are any of these ad-libbed or improvised?

Actually there’s a ton of improv – mostly by the other actors though, I’m not as good at it. Most of the time, the script is already perfect though, so it’s not that the improvised lines are funnier, but Loren thinks it sounds better and more natural if the actor thinks of it right as they say it.

I want to know about Tina’s groan sound. Is that just you, or did you figure it out specifically for the character, or what? Do you do it in everyday life now? Because I do.

I remember Loren asking me to make a nervous sound for an episode and I guess that’s what I did. Don’t remember why I thought of that one in particular, but now I do it all the time when I’m nervous without realizing it.

what have you learned about teenage girls from your time as Tina?

that it’s not easy being a teenage girl

Have you ever used your Tina voice during sex?

Yes because it’s my own voice

What will Tina’s voice be like after puberty?

That’s a great question. I hope they don’t ask me to do that because I can’t make my voice any lower.

Hi Dan, really love your stand up, and your voice acting as well! I notice you use your regular voice as the voice of Tina. Do you know if they picked you for Tina because of your voice? Or because of your delivery? Or maybe both?