‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ Season 3 Features A Netflix Crossover That Will Help Fuel Your Shared-Universe Dreams

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WARNING: Spoilers for season three of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt below, so read with care

If you weren’t aware, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is toying with the idea of one big shared television universe. At least it is in a silly way. The idea that all television shows exist within the same universe is nothing new. The Tommy Westphall Theory takes the twist ending to St. Elsewhere and traces connections to other shows like a weed, tying together everything from Seinfeld to Breaking Bad. All are either in the head of the autistic Tommy or connected in some manner, sometimes in odd little ways. It is a fun way to waste a couple of hours or years of your life.

Kimmy co-creator Robert Carlock talked a bit about their crossover with another prominent Netflix series in season 3 in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, joking about the idea of these fictional worlds sharing the same space:

We thought it was funny to suggest we lived in that same world as Orange Is the New Black, and of course, we’re always looking for Netflix synergies. That’s our main thing that we do day-to-day. We’re gonna have a lot of stuff with Fuller House coming up — any opportunity we can to crossover with other Netflix shows.

We emailed Jenji Kohan just asking if it was okay that we said she was going to that prison, and then I think we added the idea of, “Oh, it’d be nice to have one of their actors to make it really real.” And, we asked if that was okay. Jenji was very open to us just trampling all over the world she created, which we were very appreciative of…

I don’t know that Jenji will allow us to do a Gretchen episode of Orange Is the New Black, but we just like the idea of these fictional worlds intersecting. It seemed funny to us.

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