UPROXX Video: RoboCop Launches A Kickstarter To Save Detroit

What, if anything, have you done for Detroit lately? Yes, I’m looking at you. Well? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? Oh, yeah, we both know the answer to that. NOTHING. That’s what. Detroit is going belly-up and you’re just sitting there eating pita chips and hummus while watching Game of Thrones when you’re not jacking off to vintage porn. Well, thankfully, someone — namely ROBOCOP — does care.

When The City of Detroit is filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy, RoboCop knew that he had to come to the city’s aid. And so he’s coming to YOU, the fans, to see if we can all come together and SAVE DETROIT! Watch the video for more info on our fabulous prizes.

Well, DO SOMETHING, like watch this video!!!