UPROXX’s 10 Best TV Shows Of 2014

A brief selection of quality TV shows that JUST missed being included in UPROXX top ten list for 2014: Louie, The Americans, Rectify, The Good Wife, Shameless, Veep, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Silicon Valley. Hell, that could be someone’s seven favorite shows and you’d think, “Good job, person with good taste.” Unfortunately, and with all due respect to Jeremy Renner holding a cat, they didn’t make it — these 10 did, based on a 1-10 voting scale, i.e. if True Detective was a writer’s #1, it got 10 points, etc. Got it?

Well, grab a Lone Star and let’s go (best episodes tomorrow).

10. Mad Men

In seven episodes representing the first half of Mad Men’s final season, Matthew Weiner continued to churn out the smartest, densest, most layered show on television, perfectly melding late ’60s politics and culture to some of the most complicated characters in any medium. Don Draper worked toward redemption, Peggy acknowledged her spiritual soul mate in Don, and Ginsberg? Well, Ginsberg lost a nipple in one of the most darkly comic episodes of 2014. In the end, everything came together with touching perfection: Don quietly ended his relationship with Megan; the year’s most compelling new villain, Lou Avery, got his comeuppance; Sterling Cooper merged with McCann Erickson; and Bert Cooper got to watch the moon landing before he passed away. “Bravo!” In this season of Mad Men Don “did the work,” and in doing so, he finally realized that it’s not about the money. As Bert sings in the final scene of the half-season: “The best things in life are free.” — Dustin Rowles

9. Last Week Tonight

“So, John, this news show you’re making… it’s gonna be on every day, right? You know, to take advantage of the short news cycles these days?”

“Nope. Once a week.”

“Oh… but you’re gonna do lots of short flashy bits on sexy much-discussed news topics to take advantage of the 18-35 demo’s disappearing attention spans and love of micro news outlets like Twitter. That’s obvious.”