UPROXX’s Best TV GIFS Of 2014

We’ve already gone over the best TV shows and our favorite episodes of 2014, but we aren’t done yet. Over the next few pages you’ll find the best GIFs from our most covered shows, categorized by series. Relive some of your favorite moments, and then live them again and again for as long as the GIFs loop.

Some quick notes before going forward:

  • As this is a year in review post, spoilers will be popping up. Please refer to the table of contents below to avoid seeing who got killed with what.
  • There are some graphic kill GIFs and one body part in a box. Just gonna throw that out there if you’re viewing this at work.
  • There’s a chance I missed your favorite show either because I can’t watch all the things (Hannibal seems to be the most egregious omission), or I did watch it and don’t have a season full of GIFs lying around (Bob’s Burgers, Silicon Valley, You’re The Worst, most of Comedy Central’s line up, etc.).

Here’s your breakdown by page.

2 & 3 – True Detective
4 & 5 – Archer
6 & 7 – Justified
8 & 9 – The Walking Dead
10 & 11 – Game of Thrones
12 & 13 – Mad Men
14 & 15 – Fargo
16 – Orphan Black, Shameless, Parks and Recreation, Louie, and the best GIF of the year.

True Detective

The most over-theorized show of the year was one of the most captivating. It’s also set in a world where people like doing their own yardwork.

True Detective (cont.)


The gang formerly known as ISIS tried their hand at dealing cocaine. It did not go well.

Archer (cont.)


There were a lot of cool moments on this past season of Justified, but for all the airboats, explosions, Dickie Bennet cameos, and general badassery, my favorite plotline this season was the misadventures of Dewey Crowe. So for this section, I’m forgoing the 20 ft. rule for all the times Dewey tried to live his dream.

Justified (cont.)

The Walking Dead

I was a little worried that this section would be all walker kills, but it’s been a pretty busy pair of half-seasons.

The Walking Dead (cont.)

Game of Thrones

We were in for even more surprising deaths and dangerous weddings this season, though there were less dragons.

Game of Thrones (cont.)

Mad Men

We lost a partner, but Don looks like he’s turning around. Unfortunately Pete did not get eaten by a bear yet, but there’s still another seven episodes to go.

Mad Men (cont.)


The biggest strengths of Fargo‘s first season were in the acting and dialogue. However, there was also a sh*t ton of violence and I tend to go for the low hanging fruit.

Fargo (cont.)

Orphan Black – Clone Party

Probably the sweetest moment of the season that didn’t involve singing “Sugar Sugar”.

Shameless – Coke Baby

IMO, Liam overdosing was the most shocking moment from this season of Shameless. Others seem to disagree.

Parks and Recreation – Lil’ Sebastian Tribute

Louie – Jeremy Renner Holding a Cat

And for the last time this year:

Dallas – Judith Light Doing a Huge Line of Cocaine in a Mexican Bullfighting Ring