The ‘Veep’ Season Six Teaser Shows Selina Meyer’s Next Act

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If you missed the last season of Veep, suffice to say it ended on an absolutely brutal note that only got more relevant after November. And no, we’re not talking about Jonah getting cancer. No, Selina got screwed not only out of her role as President, naturally, but also a truly great foreign policy achievement was stolen from her. And it’s left her wondering what her second act is.

It will, of course, involve profanity and apparently wearing short skirts at glass podia. Veep‘s never been less than painfully cutting about the ugly day-to-day realities and betrayals of politics, and the political game is especially harsh on people who just miss the brass ring. Presidents get CEO gigs and speaking engagements. Near-misses mostly get to be the butt of jokes, and it’s especially bitter for Selina, who spent so much time on the sidelines.

As we mentioned, Jonah also has testicular cancer, marking the first time a disease has ever done the human race a solid, and we still don’t know just how his bid for glory as a New Hampshire Congressman is turning out. We’re guessing poorly, considering his campaign. Fortunately, we won’t have to wait very long to find out: Veep is back on HBO April 16th.

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