‘The Venture Bros.’ Is (Finally!) Returning Soon


The last new episode of The Venture Bros. (the best superhero show on television) aired on March 20, 2016. In that time, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has released seven movies — everything from Captain America: Civil War to Avengers: Infinity War — while the DC Extended Universe has pumped out four more (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to Justice League). Point is, it’s been a while since last we checked in on Team Venture, the Monarch, Dr. Girlfriend, and the Guild of Calamitous Intent, but the wait is almost over:

The Venture Bros. will return for season seven in August.

In other Venture news, Dark Horse Comics is releasing Go Team Venture! The Art and Making of The Venture Bros, which includes never-before-seen sketches, character designs, a foreword from Patton Oswalt, and a conversation between author Ken Plume and creators Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer about the “creation of every single episode through season six.” In the preview for the book, Publick says, “As of this writing, we’ve just finished preproduction of Season 7, and The Venture Bros. has once again been blessed with a really strong team of talented veterans and newcomers in our design department.” It’s the perfect airplane read for your trip to Spanakopita!

(Via io9)