VH1 Is Pulling Out All The Naked Stops To Promote The New Season Of ‘Dating Naked’

VH1’s reality show Dating Naked — the product, one imagines, of a late-night strategy session in which a loopy, sleep-deprived low-level executive looked up from his lukewarm cup of coffee and said “… what if they were naked?” before receiving an immediate promotion from VH1’s CEO, Dan VH1 — comes back for a second season July 22. To promote the new season, VH1 is pulling out all the naked stops, and leaving no naked stone unturned. For example, how do you feel about a strippable billboard? Because if you live in Los Angeles near the very busy corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue, you are GETTING ONE.

The billboard, which features season two contestants Chris Aldrich and Kerri Cipriani, will go up this Friday and essentially look like the image at the top of the page. Passersby will be encouraged to “strip” pieces off throughout the day to win prizes, which is kind of a goofy message to send (“Strip strangers, win prizes!”), but whatever. Shrugs emojis all around. From AdWeek:

“Over the course of a day, you can peel off tabs and reveal them in their truest self,” said Caralene Robinson, evp, marketing, VH1. Once the ad has been fully “stripped,” it will reveal a new photo in which “Chris and Kerri will be nude, and you’ll have little color blocks on their bits.” VH1 expects it will take a day to peel off all the layers. The billboard will then remain “uncovered” for two weeks.

Man, imagine how weird it would feel to just be, like, going out to get a coffee, and see strangers gawking at a huge billboard with your mostly naked self on it. Or see some creep stripping a piece off. For that matter, imagine signing up to star in a reality dating show where you try to find a soulmate in front of the nation while both of your sensitive downstairs parts are hanging out? Takes all kinds, I suppose.

But lest you think VH1 is satisfied with letting pedestrians tear clothes off its stars in a public ceremony reminiscent of the locker room scene in Major League, there’s also this NSFW video: Naked people jumping! In slow-motion! Lesbians shooting whipped cream at each other! Acrobats spraying champagne! Old people pillow fighting! Dudes slapping butts! So many butts!

OK, that was actually kind of cool. But still, wanna have some fun? Picture Stan from Mad Men walking into Don Draper’s office and pitching him both of these ideas. Picture Don’s face as he listens to them. Just a solid wall of disdain.

(Via AdWeek)

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