This Video Will Teach You How To Draw ‘Rick And Morty’ Like The Pros

10.24.18 10 months ago

There are a lot of episodes of Rick and Morty coming down the pipeline, but actually getting the 70 episodes Cartoon Network owes the fans might take some time. That’s why it’s great that Adult Swim released an instructional video giving fans a look at the right and wrong ways to draw the show’s titular characters.

Rick and Morty art director Jeffrey Thompson leads the demonstration, and he gave the fans the best piece of advice for trying to perfect the show’s signature look: make the eyes weird.

“Sometimes you’re doing a character design and it looks a little to normal to live in the Rick and Morty universe. And one way that you can immediately solve this is by taking an eyeball and lifting it off to the side,” Thompson said. “It helps it look like a sketch that Justin Roiland would have just completed.”

There are a lot of rules for drawing Morty: don’t draw his hair past his ear. Morty’s ears, by the way, start right where his eyes end.

“The lip-to-chin ratio is very important,” Thompson said. “You put it too low, who’s that guy? But if you put it here, there he is… there’s our guy.”

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