Joel McHale Is Ready For The ‘Community’ Movie, Whenever Dan Harmon Gets Around To Writing It

We could’ve easily led this post off with the doom and gloom surrounding Joel McHale and the fact that he probably won’t be back for another season of Community on Yahoo unless they throw a lot of money at him. That’d be easy, but it’s also infinitely depressing (despite the rocky road this show has traveled to this point). So instead, there’s the information that McHale is psyched for the Community movie, but only if Dan Harmon writes the thing.

He stopped by Conan to talk about the sixth season finale that goes live Tuesday, showing off a surreal clip and talking a bit about the difference in tone in production after moving from NBC to Yahoo. There’s no notes, no bothersome people in suits. Yahoo’s production division is essentially the Costanza of work environments. Do what you want, just leave us out of it.

That’s how you get an episode of Ken Jeong repeating the same line and an ice cube that shoots laser beams at people. I’m really going to miss the show when it is eventually executed.

(Via Team Coco)