Wil Wheaton Discusses Video Games And His Passion For Beer With William Shatner

Aside from planning to travel across the country in a custom trike, 84-year old William Shatner has a new web series for you to watch. Titled Brown Bag Wine Tasting, Shatner brings on his famous friends as guests where they chat about the things in their lives they absolutely love while drinking a mystery bottle of wine.

Here, Shatner talks with Wil Wheaton about his passion for video games and their interactive nature as well as his passion for brewing beer. The video concludes with Wheaton describing the bagged bottle of wine in terms of beer which is equal parts illuminating and pretty much completely unhelpful.

Have fun talking about your notes and tannins, wine nerds! If it is red, probability is I’m gonna drink it.

(Via AV Club)