Ranking The ‘Walking Dead’ Camps By Quality Of Life

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The existence of zombies and power-mad killers makes it hard to not prioritize security and survival over all other things in the world of The Walking Dead. But the human spirit yearns for more than merely crawling from day to day. A comfy chair, a roaring fire, a good book — the little things make a place feel like home and make life feel like it’s worth living.

Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his group of survivors have come close to those creature comforts on a few occasions only to have the welcome mat pulled out from under them because of a zombie herd, someone driving a tank through their fence, or a BBQ turning into a cannibal cookout. Life isn’t fair in the post-apocalypse. But as the survivors continue to chase their bliss in season 8 we thought we’d look back at the near-havens and rank each based on quality of life.

10. The Sanctuary

Maybe we’ll see more of The Sanctuary and it’ll seem more hospitable this season. But right now, it comes off like a pretty tense place to live. We’re talking about a factory-turned-lair with torture chambers. There’s also that whole concubine situation which is extremely problematic not to mention Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), an overlord with a short temper, bloodstained barbwire wrapped bat, and a penchant for burning people’s faces with a hot iron when they displease him.

Plusses: Um… they have a doctor and the group of scavenging badasses will probably keep intruders to a minimum? (Also: Yars’ Revenge.)

Minuses: Or not, since Carl (Chandler Riggs) managed to infiltrate it. Also, everything listed above, from the concubines to the chaos Negan brings to the party. The looming prospect of more guerrilla-style attacks by Rick’s survivors or The Kingdom/Hilltop consortium also factors in as do the potentially shifting loyalties of Dwight (Austin Amelio) and Eugene (Josh McDermitt).

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